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Delta Glider

Expanding Chainwheel Gear

Stores up to 60 cotton reels with the optional matching bobbin stacked on top

A Model shed made by a member mostly of wood. This is a desktop model to be displayed at functions that YMS attend.

A 2 wire intercom made from scratch from recycled components. Built at home by a member to be ready for  a YMS public event..

Yate Men in Sheds projects. Individual members have included some of the projects they have worked on at home, although others have been completed during workshop sessions.

Examples of Longer Term Members Personal Projects.

Tyre Pressure Setting

Model Canon

Repairing Instruments

Pressure Setter Model Canon Instrument Repairs Slider Gearing

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Model Shed

Shed Close Up.jpg Intercom

Cotton Reel & Bobbin Holder

20180619_080417.jpg 20180619_080417.jpg

Nigel Woodford’s

Morris Minor Van Rebuild

Dave Musgrove’s

Garden Theatre

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Stephen Sherliker’s

Model Stuart Engine

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Converting a racing Trike to Electric assist

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Terry Helyer’s Bandsaw