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In October 2017,Yate Town Council called a Public Meeting, to identify local interest in forming a Men’s Shed in Yate.  Over 80 local men turned up at the meetings and a range of interests were identified.

A few of the men present decided to setup a Community Charity. Yate Town Council continued to support the Men’s Shed - first by offering a metal container to use then by providing space for weekly meetings to create a constitution and get to know each other. February 2018 saw our first AGM to agree the constitution and vote in trustees.

In September 2018  we moved into our workshop (annexed to YTC Parish Hall). Equipment soon followed as YTC, Curo  and  One Stop had generously provided small grants to help us get started.

We now have 6 trustees who plan for the future as well as providing a safe environment for  our members.

Yate Men’s Shed Workshop                                  A Table with unusual legs

Note : A bandsaw and wood lathe                              A member displays items he has made

We also have Pillar Drill,                                             on his inspired table with manikin & pirate legs.

Bench Saw, Belt & Disc Sander +

Planer & thicknesser.

Why not come along and see if you are interested ?

Alternatively you could contact Mr Nigel Woodford on 07847306735 for further details.

“Men’s Sheds” is an international movement with over 420 sheds in the UK.


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BBC Radio Bristol Interview

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